In 2007, a number of creative folks learned one of the great secrets of the universe. They discovered that Guile’s Theme, from the Street Fighter video games, goes with everything. Literally. There was not one situation where Guile’s Theme didn’t kick shit up to eleven. YouTube began to amass a library of everything, from cartoons and movies to the daily news getting an extra dose of intensity from Guile’s Theme.

Since the day of that fateful discovery, people have been searching for the next “ultra-song.” That one, incredible melody that just seemed to “click” with everything it was paired with. For years, they’ve searched, to no avail. Some questioned whether Guile’ Theme was an epic one-off, a seemingly magical melody that would never be matched. Others were persistent, and tried to match with similar tunes, with limited results. The search wasn’t just to spark a meme, and it wasn’t for YouTube Poop fodder. Indeed, the stakes were far more offbeat: these people were in it solely for the lulz.

In 2013, it seemed that a successor to the mighty Guile’s Theme was upon us. Its source, like Guile’s theme, came from the Land of the Rising Sun. In the hit anime series Kill la Kill, the chorus to the song Before My Body is Dry (also called “Don’t Lose Your Way”) plays during the climactic moment of each episode. It’s during this moment that Ryuko makes her big do-or-die strike against the current major foe. It’s a strong tune, with a great melody and tempo that just worked with the scenes.

When the soundtrack finally hit stores, though, people found that the track itself was roughly four minutes long, and that the segments used in the show were but snippets of a larger, grander piece. On December 8, 2013, user Al Cannon uploaded the first “Don’t Lose Your Way Goes With Everything” video. it was, funny enough, one of the most impressive Street Fighter moments, in which Daigo staged an epic comeback at EVO 2004.

Since then, Youtubers have begun to worm the track into other titles and media, from shows like Breaking Bad to comedy anime Nichijou: My Ordinary Life. And, as the name implies, Don’t Lose Your Way goes with them! While it’s difficult to tell when or even if a meme will take off, I must admit that having more Kill la Kill in my day is hardly a bad thing! I look forward to seeing how this particular musical mash-up turns out in the future.

For your enjoyment, we’ve provided a couple of our favorites below:

Breaking Bad