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Fox ADHD Tackles Attack on Titan, Hilarity Ensues

Fox ADHD is, without a doubt, one of the geekiest parts of the Fox empire. From their countless gaming parodies, to their promotion of shows like High School USA, the ADHD crew revel in the world of the nerdy.

If you recall, the group added a parody of all things shoujo anime to their YouTube channel last week. The title blended elements from shows like Revolutionary Girl Utena, Kill la Kill, and Project A-Ko to create an experience that was silly, goofy, and surprisingly funny.

This week, Fox ADHD struck again, with a spoof of anime’s current hottest property, Attack on Titan. The new parody, titled “Attack On Cutest Titan”, asks the question: How gruesome would the show be if the titans were utterly adorable?

The answer? “Pretty damn gruesome!”

Fox ADHD described the cartoon as follows:

Attack on Titan’s Mikasa, Armin, and Eren finally meet a Titan they can’t kill. ‘Cause it’s just too cute.

Anyway, I’ve rambled a bit too much already. Check the short out below:

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