Since its creation in 1996, Pokemon has grown into a veritable empire for game maker Nintendo. The franchise has spawned countless imitators, and dug its tendrils into all facets of media, from TV shows to comics and toys. It’s a media juggernaut that’s sparked the imaginations of countless kids and adults alike, while generating billions in revenue from Nintendo.

That said, it’s been almost sixteen years since the first Pokemon game hit stores in the west. In that time span, the kids who started with the game have grown up and undoubtedly set out on their own adventures in life. We’ve seen the media landscape change, with services like Instagram, Tumblr, and YouTube altering how media is consumed, and worming their way into the public zeitgeist. So, one can’t help but wonder: What happens when Pokemon is brought to YouTube by a group of creative folks that grew up with the franchise?

The result is Pokeballers, a truly bizarre mash-up of the beloved series, and hip-hop that needs to be seen to be believed. The video, which was written by Alice Moran and directed by Mike Fly for the Second City Network, isn’t the first Pokemon-inspired rap video, but it certainly is worth watching..