AB2K14 Logo - InformalAs many of you know, Anime Boston 2014 kicks off next weekend. And, like every year, we’ll be on-hand at the event to deliver panel reports, photos, news announcements, and more. It’s always a busy weekend, but it’s one that I look forward to every single year.

With the event drawing near, I’ll be scrambling to ensure that the various moving parts are set up so that the weekend goes smoothly. Schedules will be written, interview questions will be prepared, and countless notes will be taken as the day of the convention draws ever closer. So, while I’ll be trying to deliver a consistent, continuous stream of content, I apologize in advance in the case that we miss a deadline in the next week.

But enough doom and gloom talk!

This year, both Ken Haley of Sequential Ink and myself will be hosting our panel “From East to West: the superheroes of America and Japan.” For those who haven’t seen it in the past, the panel traces the history of comic book superheroes, as well as the costumed crusaders of Japan. We highlight important and interesting events that occurred on both sides of the pond, as we trace their humble origins to the major forces that exist in today’s market.

At the moment, we’ll be hosting at in room 209 at 2:00PM on Sunday, March 23. This will be the fourth year that we’ll be hosting it, so I hope that you’ll drop in to see us! As a warning, though, try to arrive early. The past two years, we’ve been reduced to standing room only. Room 209 is a small room, so try to arrive early.

It’s going to be a busy, crazy final week as we prepare for Anime Boston. Because of this, I want to thank you in advance for your patience. We’ll be doing our best to make this year’s coverage our best yet. We’re looking forward to sharing everything with you, just as we hope you’re looking forward to seeing it!