Mascot Art smAt this time tomorrow, Matt and I will be knee-deep in the convention atmosphere. Anime Boston officially begins in the morning, which means that tens of thousands of eager anime fans will descend onto the Hynes Convention Center to share in their love of anime. As with any event, the weekend will be utterly crammed with fun diversions that range from panels and video games, to musical acts and art exhibitions. And, naturally, there’s the dealer’s room (better known as “My Secret Shame!”).

As with any convention we cover, I’ll be doing my best to deliver the best possible coverage. Last year, we were able to deliver sixteen articles from the show floor. This year, I’m hoping that we can match last year’s coverage, if not exceed it in both quality and quantity. It will take a lot of work, a lot of guts, and a hell of a work ethic to get through those late nights, but we’re just crazy enough to make the attempt.

So, while tonight may be slow, I hope that you look forward to our coverage for the con. We’ll be doing our best to make sure that you share in the fun of being at the show!

(And, since I have no other place to put this, enjoy another piece of key art from the press kit!)

Mascot Art 2 sm