Anime cons and cosplayers go together like peanut butter and chocolate. Every year, cons across the country offer cosplayers a venue to strut their stuff and show off their absolute best work. Anime Boston is no exception. This year, the Hynes Convention Center’s halls were buzzing with activity. Cosplayers representing any show you could think of (within reason!), from Sailor Moon to Kill la Kill.

Below, we’ve collected our best cosplay shots from the convention. I’d like to thank every single attendee that’s featured here. You’re all incredible!

When one goes to anime con, he can expect to see all manner of cosplayers, representing everything from anime to Star Wars. This year, Anime Bostonā€˜s halls were packed with costumed crusaders, just about all of whom were happy to pose for a quick photo or two. Many thanks to the many attendees that are featured in this segment!