On Friday night, JAM project held the first of two planned performances at the Hynes. The night was meant to feature the songs from the group collective. Saturday’s show was reserved for the members’ solo hits.

For the casual attendee, this means that there would be no songs like Round Dance Revolution or We Are. There wouldn’t be any Fire Bomber hits, nor would they hear Kageyama belt out hit hits like Cha La Head Cha La. GaoGaiGar fans would have to wait at least one more night to know if it would be performed at the con.

What viewers could expect, though, was a truly fantastic selection of songs from the group’s many years of working together. Songs like Saviour In The Dark from Garou and Skill from Super Robot Wars Alpha thundered through the room. Their songs had a unique energy to them, that seemed to flow from the stage into the audience.

Everybody, from the musicians to the five vocalists, brought their A-game. The band provided a tight, well-honed performance that melded with the vocals, and seemed to energize the frontmen themselves. The vocalists, from Kageyama to Okui, were brimming with energy that was simply infectious. Every line, every note, and every call-out simply felt perfect at the time, as their concert became a spectacle that would pull attendees from their seats.

Fans jumped, bounced, and bounced to the group’s tunes, their excitement growing with each passing minute. Fists pumped, and glow sticks waved in a frenzy as the audience quickly turned into a mass around the stage. By the time the encore began, the many people who had originally come to watch had become as integral a part of the experience as the band itself.

If there were one complaint, it would be that the evening seemed to end far too quickly. However, this is but a fleeting concern, and stems more from the desire to be a part of that world of excitement for just one more song. By the time JAM Project left the stage for the night, the crowd was abuzz with energy. The love of the experience was clear, both through the overheard conversations, and the cheery demeanor of those who were filing out of the room. They had all been a part of something special. Hopefully, one day, they’ll be able to take part in it once again.