If you’ve been following our Twitter account, you’d have noticed a that we made a fairly big announcement this morning:

AH Acquires OotN

Basically, we’ve acquired Order of the Nerd. Their name and their branding have come under our control.

What does this mean?

Basically, this means that we will be doing some very nifty things with the Order of the Nerd brand. In the short-term, we’ll be taking steps to turn it into a growing, thriving den of activity for all things nerdy.

Order of the Nerd is going to serve as the a hub, of sorts, as we reach out to bloggers and writers across the web. The goal is to become a hub for everything that’s right with the many (many) fandoms reside in the nerdosphere, and to create a place where anybody can find content they love about the hobbies they crave, be it anime, comics, horror flicks, or even video games and cartoons.

In short, we’ll talk nerdy to you, only now we’ll be doing so far more than ever.

What about the Order of the Nerd Crew?

The Order of the Nerd crew are going to be the first members of this new service. They will be helming Gore Gazette, a site devoted to all things horror (with some comic fun on the side!). Jeff and Joe will still be on-hand to deliver the scoop on the scary stuff, so wish them well as we get ready to make some great things happen!

What does this mean for Anime Herald?

Honestly? Not a whole lot! We’re still going to be updating (mostly) daily, we’re still going to be recording the Nerdy Talk podcast, and we’re still going to be delivering commentary in the wee hours of the morning like the insomniacs we are!

The only real difference, at this point, will be an addition of the Order of the Nerd branding somewhere (not sure if we’re using the header, footer or sidebar yet), to unify everything.

I know you’re certain to have questions that need to be answered, any requests to see from this new branching and I’m hoping to address the ones I can. Feel free to leave a comment below, and I’ll try to answer what I can.