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Over 200 Fans Are Re-Animating A Sailor Moon Episode in Moon Animate, Make Up!

Sailor Moon is one of those shows that seems to simply inspire people. It’s a show that’s led to countless homages, art pieces, AMVs, and mash-ups. We’ve seen Usagi bounce to Caramelldansen, and Sailor Mars in Minecraft. The show’s been analyzed, studied, and explained in venues large and small, from college classrooms, to YouTube. And, well… there’s been more than a few pieces of fan-fiction of varying quality written over the decades.

The imagery is iconic, the characters are unmistakable, and the catch phrases echo even into the mainstream. Sailor Moon is, and always will be, an anime legend.

So, what happens when a fans want to take things even further? Moon Animate, Make-Up! happens.

Moon Animate, Make-Up! is a collaborative effort by over 250 passionate, creative fans to re-animate a full episode of the iconic series. This is far from what anyone would expect, though. Each segment, which is done by a different group, ranges from one to ten seconds and is presented in the artist’s own style. While the feature isn’t complete yet (it’s due later this spring), the animators are already checking in their work and uploading their shots to sites like Vimeo and YouTube.

The participants range from hobbyists to students, to industry professionals that worked on shows like Bob’s Burgers. The range is delightfully varied, with styles ranging from hard-edged styles, to Saturday Morning-cartoonish fare. The results are fantastic, and well worth checking out.

We’ve posted the trailer for the project below, as well as a few clips that we felt were simply incredible. Are there any pieces of the project that really caught your eye? Let us know in the comments!


Moon Animate Make-Up! Episode Preview! from Kaitlin Sullivan on Vimeo.

Selected Clips

Sailor Moon from Dan Helle on YouTube

Moon Animate, Make-Up! Shot 20 from Kristen Elias on Vimeo.

Moon Animate Make-Up Shot 090_032 from Corey Miller on Vimeo.

Moon Animate Make-Up Scene from Ryan Cole

Competition And Petty Jealousy from Shelley Low on Vimeo.


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