Seriously, the sheer dedication of anime fans never ceases to amaze me. Every time I think they’ve reached the peak of creativity and passion, something comes up to prove me wrong.

On April 4, YouTuber Animesekai1984 uploaded a video titled “I tried to draw giant OP in advance of [Flipbook] mechanical pencil (full version, 423 pieces) drew Attack on Titan OP in Mechanical pencil.” As one would expect, it’s a recreation of the Attack on Titan opening, drawn in 423 drawings using a mechanical pencil!

The opening covers every shot, every major frame of the show’s iconic opening in amazing detail, and is simply something fantastic to behold. We’ve posted the video below:

This isn’t the only recreation that’s been done by the artist. In the past, Animesekai also added a pair of adaptations of the Sword Art Online intro, set to both the original theme and the piano version of the first Fate/Zero intro. This was another Herculean feat, which required 368 drawings in total. We’ve posted both versions below for your enjoyment: