This episode of Nerdy Talk arose under somewhat unique circumstances. During the recording of episode 10, we amassed nearly four hours of audio for the show. While we’re normally able to pick and choose the best moments for a show, there was so much that was worth holding on to that I didn’t want to just dump into the circular file.

So I didn’t.

This isn’t a normal recording, so the usual intro and pre-show banter isn’t present. Still, please do enjoy the show, subscribe on one of the providers below!

We had a full panel of hosts. That means we had the following in-house and talking nerdy:

  • Mike Ferreira
  • Matt Brown
  • Anthony Simpson
  • Dorian Chadwick
  • Benjamin Fennell


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Those who can’t wait to dig in can view the podcast below.


Show Notes

Topic 1: “On Your Mark” Pulled from Miyazaki Box Sets After Aska’s Drug Arrest

Topic 2: Director of Gundam SEED Thinks Anime Has Too Many Regulation

Topic 3: Summer 2014 Anime Chart (Neregate)