This week’s episode of Nerdy Talk was an Anime Herald throwback! Mike, Matt, and Ben sat down for a night of bantering and bullshitting, as they discuss the latest anime news. This week’s topics include the Sailor Moon Crystal trailer premiere, Kill la Kill’s pricey new Blu-Ray sets, and the recently resolved court case between ADV Films and FUNimation. In addition, we deliver our predictions and hopes for what will show up at this year’s E3 expo. Hosts this week are as follows:

  • Mike Ferreira
  • Matt Brown
  • Benjamin Fennell

The podcast is available for listening below:

Show Notes

Topic 1: Sailor Moon Crystal Trailer Drops, Along With Jaws Of Fans Everywhere

Topic 2: Kill la Kill Gets Epic Dub, Crummy Release Format

Topic 3: Case Dismissed! ADV & FUNimation Settle 2-Year Lawsuit

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