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Release Teardown: Attack on Titan Part 1 Collector’s Edition

One of the most popular shows of 2013 Attack on Titan took the anime fandom by storm and became a top-selling title in Japan for that year. One June 3rd FUNimation released Attack on Titan Part 1 on several different release types which included a standard DVD/BD combo pack, a limited edition DVD/BD digibook set, and a exclusive collector’s edition DVD/BD digibook set. This set covers episodes 1-13 and I was lucky enough to get a copy of the collector’s edition, and for my first teardown post I thought this was appropriate (Click images for larger version).


The limited edition and collector’s edition shipped in a digibook. The front cover contains the scene of Eren standing in front of the Colossus Titan, the same promotional artwork that was used for the show when it first aired. The spine of the release has the title in both English and Japanese, and that this the Limited Edition Part 1 along with the episodes released in the set. The back of the release has Eren Yeager, along with release information such as language options, run time, and regions for both the DVD and BD. Included with the LE and CE is a 3-D lenticular art card, along with a slip of paper that gives a description and features list. Inside the digibook release contains both DVD and BD for the set along with a 24 page book called “Behind the Wall Part 1” which gives character drawings along with descriptions of those characters, along with “4-panel Theater” which is an 11 part 4-koma comic included.

The discs are as follows: DVDs are a solid red with the first DVD having Eren on it, and the second having Mikasa. Both DVDs have the title in both English and Japanese along with the episodes on each disc. The BD are solid black with Armin on the first BD and Sasha on the second BD. Both discs are released in a step like fashion with the first disc being above the second disc. Behind the DVDs documents what is included with the set from extras to episodes. Behind the BD is a close up picture of the Colossus Titan.

The collector’s edition came with some extras not included in the other releases. These included two necklaces; one which is a replica of Eren’s key necklace and the other is a sword necklace which looks like the Titan flesh paring blades. Also included are four pins one for each of the military branches (Military Police Regiment, Scout Regiment, Garrison Regiment, and Cadet Corps).

Menu Structure

Note: I do not have the ability to capture BD pictures so I apologize for the quality of the images used for the BD section. For ease I am only having pictures from the first DVD instead of both discs).


The DVD menu features the logo for the Cadet Corps on a wall. The show title takes up the largest part of the screen with the five choices shown under it. Marathon Play lets you watch all the episodes of the disc in one continuous play through by having the OP start with the first episode on the disc and then removed for the rest of the episodes on the DVD. Under the episode option shows a picture of the Colossus Titan on the left with the menu title on top in large letters with the episodes listed under them. For the Setup menu we have on the left Levi facing a Titan that is getting ready to eat him. The menu title is to the right of that with the audio options below them. For the extras menu we have Sasha on the left with the menu title to the right and the extra included with the first DVD under it.


The BD is animated with a background image similar to the cover minus Eren on the foreground. The background image is the same for both BD disc. BDMenu Image quality is good on both sets with the BD quality being excellent. On disc extras include commentaries from episodes 3 and 13, the Making of Attack on Titan (about the process of creating the dub along with some information about how an anime title is obtained), Chibi Theater: Fly Cadets Fly! Days 1-13, Eyecatch gallery, Textless songs, and trailers. The second DVD and second BD have all the extras barring the commentary for episode 3. One area that should be mentioned in the release is that on the first DVD and first BD there is advertisement for the all the current manga releases in the US. Mangasnip


The first collector’s edition set for Attack on Titan is a solid release. While the digibook packaging might not be for everyone’s tastes, it does provide a change of pace from the usual Funimation premium set of an artbox and discs.

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