When the topic of Sailor Moon enters a discussion, it’s almost a given that the familiar opening melody will start to sound in the back of a person’s mind. Moonlight Densetsu is an iconic song that introduced the exploits of the Sailor Guardians across 200 episodes. The melody itself is a fantastic opener to the series. It’s poppy, upbeat, and somehow even sparkly.

A few days ago, a quintet of musicians offered their own unique take on the song. Musician Scott Bradlee uploaded a video of a Slow Jam adaptation of the theme. The performers for the session were as follows:

  • Vocals: Andromeda Turre
  • Tambourine: Tim Kubart
  • Bass: Adam Kubart
  • Drums: Chip Thomas
  • Piano: Scott Bradlee

The result is a soulful, jazzy performance that bubbles between both the English and Japanese versions of the song. It’s fresh, fun, and really gives a distinct identity to the familiar song. The video’s posted above, so be sure to check it out!