Let’s be honest. you love Sailor Moon, I love Sailor Moon, it’s a regular Moon-fest in this article.

With just a few short days left until the premiere of Sailor Moon Crystal, the hype levels are at an all-time high. Toei and Vivi hosted the world premiere of the series on June 30, and Viz will hold Sailor Moon Day at this weekend’s Anime Expo. For some, the wait until July 5 is simply intolerable!

Unfortunately, the wait just got more difficult.

Yesterday, Usagi’s first transformation from Sailor Moon Crystal was leaked onto the web. The segment was presented in a comparison piece, which pits the new footage against the iconic original.

The new sequence is a gorgeous blend of new and old, mixing the familiar stylized shots of the original with new animation and effects that really add to the wonder of the scene.

On top of that, a video from the Vivi event made its way to the internet, which showcases the show’s new opening sequence. The excitement from the audience is real, and utterly infectious! We’ve provided the video below, so be sure to check it out!