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Attack on Pomeranian Kills Titans, Warms Hearts

Look, we all love cosplay, right? Awesome costumes, fans showing their adoration for their favorite shows, what’s not to love?

However, rarely do we ask the question: “How can we make cosplay even more awesome?”

Apparently, Japanese Twitter user Miomio3030 thought long and hard about this, and deduced that cosplay needed more adorable puppies in costumes. He was right.

In a cosplay set many dub Attack on Pomeranian, Miomio3030 decks his white Pomeranian (named Mofureruto) out in the duds of Attack on Titan‘s Survey Corps. Mofureruto poses in a green cape adorned with the Wings of Freedom, and a home-made version of the now-iconic 3D Maneuver Gear (fashioned out of Amazon.com boxes).

It’s an adorable sight to see, and is sure to melt the hearts of Attack on Titan fans and non-fans alike!

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