Sometimes, things just make way too much sense. Since its debut in the west, Bubblegum Crisis has been likened to Blade Runner, in regards to its setting, story, and tone. The dingy streets of MegaTokyo are compared to the dystopian vistas of 2019 Los Angeles. Likewise, the tale of boomer-hunter vigilantes could have been ripped straight from Scott’s production diaries (Or the notes of Philip K. Dick, who created the original work).

Apparently, one fan felt that, like chocolate and peanut butter, the world of the Knight Sabers and the wastes of Blade Runner needed to be put together. YouTuber blademaster02 uploaded a 2:25 video, which overlays the audio from Blade Runner‘s theatrical trailer with clips from Bubblegum Crisis and spin-off A.D. Police Files. The result is simply astounding.

We’ve provided the clip above. Check it out, and marvel at just how damn apt those countless comparisons actually were over the years .