Yesterday, Viz surprised Sailor Moon fans when it released the first official clip from the new English dub of the series.

The 45-second spot featured the first meeting of Mamoru and Usagi, and gave viewers a chance see how Stephanie Sheh and Robbie Daymond would portray the iconic characters.

Today, Viz released its second clip from the dub. This time around, Michelle Ruff makes her debut as Luna. The two-minute preview covers the pivotal moment, when Usagi receives the brooch, shortly before becoming Sailor Moon for the first time.

Sheh, again, does a fantastic job, and really gets into her role. Ruff’s portrayal of Luna is a bit more subdued, and less shrill than the original Japanese, which really cuts the bite of some of the character’s outbursts. Still, it’s a generally strong performance that is worth a look.

We’ve posted the clip below, so check it out!