We get it. Attack on Titan is kind of a big deal.

Since it began airing, the series made its mark across the web. We’ve seen it praisedparodied, and mashed into countless unrelated media.

Feuerroter Pfeil und Bogen, the first opener to the series, has become a signature for the show and a general rallying cry for anime fans everywhere. The song’s mix of thudding drums, shrieking choirs, and brassy trumpets demand attention, while the catchy melody ensures that it wedges itself in the back of the listener’s mind.

It’s been covered on everything, from electric guitars to metal rulers, and it remains endearing to those inside and out of the anime community.

Today, violinist Taylor Davis uploaded a her own version of Feuerroter Pfeil und Bogen to YouTube. Decked out in Survey Corps cosplay, Davis performs the tune with a pre-recorded bass line providing the rhythm.

The performance is simply breathtaking, and really captures the raw energy of the original work. The entire performance radiates with sheer affection for the series. It’s powerful, yet delicate; refined, though there are hints at a raw edge.

In short, it’s bloody fantastic

For those that want to compare to the original, we’ve provided the first Attack on Titan opening below.