Ready for your daily dose of cringe?

Last year, Dominos Pizza unveiled that they would partner with Sega and Crypton Media to co-produce an iPhone app based on the virtual idol. The app would combine the best of the Miku experience with, well, Domino’s Pizza.

It was an app that was absolutely drenched in the Miku style, from the color scheme, to the countless bits of Miku art, to the adorable Hatsune Miku map marker that’s used to track deliveries.

So far, so good, right?

Buckle up.

To promote the app, company president Scott Oellkers starred in a two-minute promotional video. From the moment the epic-sounding string music kicks up, it’s clear that this will be a far cry from anything resembling a normal product reveal. It’s clear that Oellkers is genuinely baffled by the product he’s pitching, with his generally dazed expression and awkward manner of speaking.

That’s not to mention the Chris Hanson moment, in which Oellkers holds a pizza box adorned with the virtual idol, grins, and proudly tells viewers to “have some fun with Miku!”

But hey, we got AR Miku dancing on a pizza, so everything’s cool… right?