We get it. Lawson’s been using Attack on Titan to promote their wares for the better part of a year now, and 7-Eleven needs to strike back with its own anime tie-in.

Still, we didn’t think they’d do something this awesome!

7-Eleven Japan is currently hosting an Evangelion-themed promotion that runs from August 7, through August 31. Through the event, customers that buy certain specially-marked goods will be eligible for various Evangelion themed prizes.

The prizes themselves range from collectibles like bottle caps and figures, to Evangelion branded cup noodles.

Eva Noodles - 20140807

The centerpiece of the promotion, though, is a 2-meter tall statue of EVA-01. The statue, which features 7-Eleven branding and a special color scheme, was limited to 25 individually numbered units.

EVA-01 2M Model 002 - 20140807

The price tag? 1.7 million yen ($16,650.87 US). After tax, this comes to 1.836 million yen ($17,982.94)

You read that right. Just shy of $18,000.

In today’s economic climate, you’d expect such an item to last a few days, given the price tag. Right?

Not quite. As of this morning, the company reports that they sold through all 25 units, and cite a “favorable demand” for the statue.

Still, it’s a bummer for the latecomers. 7-Eleven apparently agrees. The company is offering two more of these bad girls through a social media contest. The company will raffle off the statues on August 12, to those who enter via the company’s Facebook and Twitter pages. One will go to a Facebook follower, while the other goes to a Twitter user.

With that out of the way, can we just take a moment to admire how incredible this statue looks?

Simply beautiful.