I don’t care if it’s five years old, Kousuke Sugimoto’s The TV Show is still damn cool.

The 208-second film is a wonderful fusion of animation and music, that tells a delightfully skewed tale of media gone awry. It’s a love letter to popular culture that’s littered with countless references to anime, films, and video games that range from the iconic to the obscure.

What’s most impressive, though, is the way the film itself presents itself. The TV Show is composed of 19 separate threads, which all begin separately. Through the course of the film, they slowly and meaningfully intertwine with one another, until every character, every set is in a state of absolute anarchy.

It’s colorful, it’s quick, and it’s just plain lovely to behold. Every character, every scene is brimming with personality, and the plot itself just revels in its absurdity. The pacing is masterful, and the deft management of 19 separate plotlines is utter genius. We’ve posted the video above, so definitely check it out!