For those who aren’t aware yet, Attack on Titan is kind of a big deal, nowadays.

The manga dominates the sales charts in both Japan and North America, and the anime has gained a truly astounding following the world over. So, whenever news on the franchise breaks, everybody stops to listen. Even a dub cast reveal is handled with a sense of breathless excitement, as FUNimation trickles out dub clips and names to stoke the passions of the fans.

Earlier today, FUNimation unveiled the latest round of players in the English dub cast. The new members, who make their début in the second half of the show, don’t have the same presence as Eren or Levi, or the other major cast members. Still, to discount them would be utterly careless.

The new cast members are as follows:

  • Cis: Eric Vale
  • Ness: Jonathan Brooks
  • Zachary: John Swasey
  • Boris: Micah Solusod
  • Dennis: Andrew T. Chandler
  • Hitch: Brittney Karbowski
  • Jurgen: Justin Cook
  • Miche: Jason Douglas
  • Nanaba: Lydia Mackay
  • Peer: Philip Weber
  • Oruo: Chris Smith
  • Gunther: Brett Weaver
  • Beane: Cris George
  • Sawney: Jonathan C. Osborne
  • Darius: Brian Mathis
  • Dieter: John Burgmeier
  • Marlo: Todd Haberkorn
  • Moblit: Jerry Jewell
  • Nick: Francis Henry
  • Waltz: Kyle Phillips

To commemorate the announcement, FUNimation published another dub teaser clip. This time, the company opted for the moment when the new Scouting Regiment members receive their uniforms, which include the iconic green cloak emblazoned with the Wings of Freedom. There isn’t much dialogue, but the scene is still enough to send shivers through fans and newcomers alike.