The announcement that Studio Ghibli would cease feature film production for a while sparked a lot of powerful emotions in the fan community. Since the day the news broke, we’ve seen a massive outpouring of thanks and affection from fans of all stripes.

We’ve seen fan art, written tributes, and video messages, as admirers expressed their hopes, their regrets, and their deepest affections for the magic that studio was able to craft.

Even Fox’s ADHD group, who are best known for cheeky parodies and off-color humor, weren’t immune to this. Their latest video, “Goodbye Ghibli,” is a touching love letter to the studio and its legacy. Set to a sweet acoustic song, the short gives props to all things Ghibli, from Kiki’s Delivery Service to Porco Rosso and Totoro.

Before you ask, yes. Pom Poko gets a nod, and yes, it’s for the reason you’d expect.

Anyway, the short itself is just two minutes of pure Ghibli love, delivered in a way that can bring a tear to even the driest eyes.