Have you heard? Today is Hatsune Miku’s seventh birthday!

Seven years ago today, Crypton Media rolled out the first version of their uber-popular vocaloid software. Since then, Miku’s taken on an identity of her own, gaining a distinctive look, several albums, and a fanbase that would make Sharon Apple blush.

Seriously, she’s packed stadiums with fans, and even opened for Lady Gaga on multiple occasions. To say that’s anything less than amazing is a freaking lie.

Anyway, with Miku’s birthday came a massive outpouring of affection. Throughout the day, we’ve seen countless Tweets, Facebook posts, and YouTube tributes flood onto the internet, as fans delivered their fondest wishes to the virtual diva.

Hatsune Miku Birthday 002 - 20140831

That’s not to mention the truly quirky things, like vocaloid covers of “Happy Birthday” or the Beatles’ Birthday.

What’s been most impressive to see, though, is the fan art. Countless illustrations of Hatsune Miku bubbled onto the web across the day, each bursting with sheer adoration for the electric idol. Some were amazing, others were adorable, but the entire reaction has been simply awe-inspiring in its scale.

We’ve posted a number of our favorite illustrations below. Do you have a personal favorite that we missed? Let us know in the comments!