Hayao Miyazaki is a legend of cinema. He’s a man capable of creating worlds, brimming with life and vibrancy that extend beyond the confines of the silver screen. His tales become the stuff of legend, and his characters cut to the very core of the human condition.

There’s a subtle brilliance in Miyazaki’s work that’s inspired countless to create, explore, and even wonder about a world we as a people have become so jaded about.

Animator Pablo Fernández Eyre expressed his adoration for the legendary creator’s work in a short, sweet video that crams references to just about every Miyazaki flick into one 45-second burst. All of the majors are there, from Spirited Away, to My Neighbor Totoro and Kiki’s Delivery Service. Astute viewers will note, though, that even more offbeat references, like Lupin (and his roadster) from Castle of Cagliostro were included.

It’s a wonderful tribute to Miyazaki, whose work will live on in some form or another for generations to come.

Well, unless you’re a Sherlock Hound fan. Then, apparently, you’re out of luck.