Yesterday, Viz Media posted a pair of short Sailor Moon promos to their YouTube channel. The two videos, which are aimed at hyping up the company’s upcoming Sailor Moon DVD & Blu-Ray release, showcase different highlights of the upcoming set.

The first is a general trailer, which highlights the release. The new dub and better video quality are shown off, as well as the various special features on the disc. The set will include the following goodies in its release:

  • Behind the Scenes of the Dub Recording
  • Art Galleries
  • Announcement Panel at Anime Central 2014
  • Official Announcement Trailer
  • Footage from Sailor Moon Day at Anime Central 2014

The second, which is a bit less flashy, shows off the packaging for the release.

With Sailor Moon hitting stores in November, the hype machine is in full swing. We’ll undoubtedly see more trailers and promotions pop up to drive excitement for the release. Just what will pop up next, though, remains to be seen.