Let’s face it: being a magical girl is tough. Fighting countless evildoers in the name of justice is a generally thankless job, that could well wind up costing one’s own life. Get beaten, battered, and roughed up on a regular basis is part of the job description, and there’s a tangible risk of losing everything, and everyone important in the line of duty. It’s enough to drive someone to despair.

And yet, there’s something more to it.

There’s a value to be had in the little things that the life brings. Beyond the amazing powers, there’s a certain security to be had in the camaraderie between friends and allies. There’s great comfort in the knowledge that, with the right support, the impossible becomes possible, and even the most dangerous beastie can be defeated.

Cosplayer Traci J Hines channels these conflicting feelings in Carry On (Sailor Moon), a soulful cover of the song from Dic’s adaptation of the series. With a slow piano backing and a pleading tone, Hines transforms this energetic battle anthem into a ballad of sadness and hope. The accompanying video, in which Hines performs in Queen Serenity’s full regalia, is simply incredible.

Note: For those who wish to compare, we’ve provided the original song below.