On September 23rd, FUNimation released the second half of Attack on Titan. Like the first half of the series, FUNimation released this set in several different formats, a standard DVD/BD combo pack, a Limited Edition DVD/Blu-Ray digibook set, and a collector’s edition DVD/Blu-ray set that was exclusive to Funimation.com. This set covers episodes 14-25 of the series.


Like the first release the limited edition and collector’s edition was shipped in a digibook release. The collector’s edition however also came with a chipboard artbox to hold both digibook releases. This artbox was also available in a Limited form as a separate version from the standard limited edition.

The front cover contains Mikasa and the Female Titan. The spine of the release has the title in both English and Japanese, and that this the Limited Edition Part 2 along with the episodes released in the set. The back of the digibook has Armin, Eren, and Mikasa, along with release information such as language options, run time, and regions for both the DVD and BD.

Included with the LE and CE is a 3-D lenticular art card, along with a slip of paper that gives a description and features list. Inside the digibook release contains both DVD and BD for the set along with a 24 page book called “Behind the Wall Part 2” which gives character drawings along with descriptions of those characters, along with “4-panel Theater” which is an 11 part 4-koma comic included.

The chipboard art box has the symbol for Wall Maria on the front, “Attack on Titan” on the spine in both English and Japanese, and a picture of the Titan in the wall on the back.


The discs are as follows: the DVD’s are a solid blue with the third disc having Annie on it, and Zoë on the fourth DVD. The BD’s are a black and blue with the third BD having Mikasa on it, and the fourth BD has Levi. Behind the DVD’s documents what is included with the set from extras to episodes, and behind the BD’s in a map like drawing.

The collector’s edition came with some physical extras, including a Good Smile Company exclusive version Picktam! strap of Eren with two different face options. Also included are three exclusive banners of Wall Maria, Wall Rose, and Wall Sina.

Menu Structure

Note: I do not have the ability to capture BD pictures so I apologize for the quality of the images used for the BD section. For ease I am only having pictures from the first DVD instead of both discs).


The DVD menu features the logo for the Survey Corps on a wall. The show title takes up the largest part of the screen with the five choices shown under it. Marathon Play lets you watch all the episodes of the disc in one continuous play through by having the OP start with the first episode on the disc and then removed for the rest of the episodes on the DVD.

Under the episode option shows a picture of Beane on the left with the menu title on top in large letters with the episodes listed under them. For the Setup menu we have Eren on the left. The menu title is to the right of that with the audio options below them. For the extras menu we have Jean on the left with the menu title to the right and the extra included with the first DVD under it.


The Blu-Ray menu is animated with a background image similar to the cover minus Mikasa on the foreground. The background image is the same for both BD disc.

BD Menu Example

BD Menu Example

Image quality is good on both sets with the BD quality being excellent. On disc extras include commentaries from episodes 14 and 25, Attack on Titan at Anime Expo, Chibi Theater: Fly Cadets Fly! Days 14-25, Eyecatch gallery, Textless songs, and trailers. The second DVD and second BD have all the extras barring the commentary for episode 14.


The second collector’s edition set for Attack on Titan is a solid release. With a solid chipboard artbox to put both sets in, makes this set a must have the hardcore collector.