The world’s hottest virtual idol now has an official car!

Calm down, it’s nowhere near as sleek as you’d expect.

In August, Daihatsu Motor Co. announced that they will release a special regional variant of their Cocoa, exclusive to the Hokkaido region of Japan. The car features an ice-blue color scheme, and various emblems that feature the now-famous “Snow Miku” ice sculpture. The roof rail has “SNOW MIKU” engraved in it, the gas lid uses a full-color Snow Miku emblem, and the interior is coordinated to match Snow Miku’s wintry theme.

The car itself is an officially licensed product, fully endorsed by Crypton Future Media.

For the uninitiated, “Snow Miku” is the official name given to the ice sculpture that appears at the Sapporo Snow Festival every year. It’s a bit of an attraction, that’s led to the creation of fan art, and full-on official toys.

The Sapporo Snow MIku sculpture from 2013.  Photo Credit: Hachima Kikō

The Sapporo Snow Miku sculpture from 2013.

That said, the car certainly isn’t as slick as one would expect from a virtual idol that’s seen as a very symbol of style. Given that we’ve seen Hatsune Miku on everything from sports cars to race cars, one can’t help but feel this is an odd juxtaposition of styles, for sure.

Of course, we said the same thing about Toyota and their ad campaign, so definitely take the thought with a grain of salt.