Sailor Moon is one of those shows that’s just everywhere. The Sailor Guardians’ smiling faces can be found adorning everything, from T-shirts to jewelry to cosmetics.

Still, I don’t think anybody expected a product tie-in like this.

Sailor Moon Feminine Pad - 20141007

Feminine brand Elis is partnering with Toei Animation and Naoko Takeuchi to release a special edition of their sanitary napkins. The pads will ship in special packaging decorated with images of the five inner guardians. In addition, each individual pad will be presented in a special wrapper that is adorned with a particular character’s name and celestial symbols.

Elis will ship the Sailor Moon pads to retailers on November 1, though samples will be handed out in 32 locations from October 10 through October 25. In addition, the company will host a contest, which will offer several Sailor Moon branded prizes, from Doltz brand pocket toothbrushes, to lingerie pouches.