Aya Hirano 27 Birthday by Takashi Shiina - 20141008

For a lot of anime fans, Aya Hirano is almost a household name. Since she began acting in 2001 (in the ill-received Angel Tales), Hirano has become a superstar in the realm of anime voice acting. Hirano’s provided the voices for dozens of beloved characters, from Haruhi Suzumiya, to Lucy Heartfilia (Fairy Tail) and Konata Izumi (Lucky Star).

Among her many roles, Hirano played Kaoru Akashi in Takashi Shiina’s Zettai Karen Children.

To celebrate Hirano’s 27th birthday, Shiina-sensei posted a birthday wish to Twitter in sketch form. The sketch was accompanied by a short message thanking Hirano and her fans.

It’s an adorable gesture that we’re seeing more of lately, as Yuyushiki’s creator wished actress Rumi Okubo with a drawn greeting just over a week and a half ago.

The full tweet is below: