There has to be somebody out there that took one look at Pikachu and said “I want to sleep on him. A lot.”

And, I’d imagine that this person’s logic is what led to Japanese retailer Mercari’s latest Pokemon-inspired bed. The Pikachu bed, which measures 2.2M * 1.5M * 0.35M, will fit an adult comfortably.

Pikachu Bed 001 SM - 20141014

Of course, Pikachu doesn’t come cheap, or he doesn’t come at all. Mercari’s Pikachu bed carries a price tag of 39,800 yen ($371.46 USD). Still, for adorable comfort, is that such a high price to pay?

In addition to Pikachu, Mercari offers beds based on Totoro and Doraemon, which are pictured below.