s impossible to deny the draw of Eiichiro Oda’s One Piece. The long-running series has over 300 million books in print, spread across 75 volumes. That’s on top of a 670-episode (and counting!) anime series, a number of movies, and several best-selling video games.

One Piece is no stranger to merchandising, having received countless toys, trinkets, and accessories based on characters, organizations, and even set-pieces within the series.

So, it should come to little surprise that Toei Animation will partner with Tosando to craft a trio of blades modeled after those wielded by Roronoa Zoro. Each of Zoro’s three swords, Sandai Kitetsu, Wado Ichimonji, and Shusui, will be crafted by master craftsmen, using a special reinforced alloy that contains copper, aluminium, magnesium, iron, and brass.

In addition, Toei and Tosando will produce a replica of Cursed Sword Kikoku, which is wielded by Trafalgar Law, under the same process. Each sword will be made to order, and crafted to strict specification. The swords will be priced as follows:

But enough on the details! Images of the swords are below:

Sandai Kitetsu:

Wado Ichimonji:


Cursed Sword Kikoku: