Madoka Hanko 005 - SM - 20141029

Would you like to stamp a contract?

Earlier today, Hanko Itain-do opened reservations for official Puella Magi Madoka Magica hanko stamps. These tailor-made stamps will be available in one of seven styles, each featuring one of the show’s major characters.

Customers can order stamps engraved with Madoka, Homura, Sayaka, Mami Tomoe, Kyoko, or Homura, in addition to their family name. The stamps are of legal status, so they can be used on official documents, or as a bank stamp.

Both round and square stamps are available. Customers who purchase both will receive their set in a gorgeous decorative seal case. In addition, Hanko Itain-do is selling a colored Madoka Magica leather mat, which will carry a price of ¥1,980 (plus tax). The full cost breakdown is as follows:

  • Square Stamp: ¥3,980 ($36.56 USD)
  • Circle Stamp: ¥3,580 ($32.88 USD)
  • Two Stamp Set: ¥7,560 ($69.44 USD)
  • Illustrated Leather Seal Mat: ¥1,980 ($18.19 USD)

For the uninitiated, hanko stamps are seals that are used in lieu of signatures on official documents. There are two types of seals, typically: hanko and inkanInkan tends to be used as a ubiquitous term for stamps of this nature. Hanko, on the other hand, is a more limited term that applies to seals used on less important documents, like bank notes and postal signatures.

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Madoka Kaname Hanko

Homura Akemi Hanko

Mami Tomoe Hanko

Miki Sayaka Hanko

Kyoko Sakura Hanko

Kyubey Hanko

Momoe Nagisa Hanko

Ultimate Madoka Hanko

Seal Case and Leather Mat