Halloween is a time for tricks and treats, as people of all ages revel in the sights of ghosts, goblins, and other things that go bump in the night. It’s a fun holiday that really lets people let their inner monster run loose for a few hours.

Well, that, and it’s the one day of the year where people can gorge on a mountain of candy without shame.

Anyway, it’s also a time for TV episodes that focus on the holiday. In some cases, it’s easier for a franchise to really cut loose on the day. Monster High, with its cast filled with adorable monster characters, really embraces this fact, as it delivers an adorable celebration of Halloween, no matter how people may celebrate it.

Monster High Anime - Halloween 002 - 20141031

The episode, Hello! Monster Halloween, opens with professor Verizhe explaining the basics of Halloween to the class. As class nears its end, Draculaura freaks out, since the holiday is quickly approaching. Frankie waxes poetic for a moment, because it’s her first ever, Halloween.

Then the rails fall off the train.

Clawdeen, being an excitable werewolf, pulls out her family’s traditional meat grill. This sends Draculaura, a vegan vampire (think about that), into a stunned stupor, and causes Ghoulia’s dead flesh to start cooking. Meanwhile, Lagoona’s gone ahead and set up a conveyor belt sushi and, apparently, placed silly hats on a confused Frankie and Draculaura.

Monster High Anime - Halloween 001 - 20141031

As class lets out, the ghouls hurry to Draculaura’s locker, where they’re pulled to a fashion show as Halloween officially begins. All seems right in the world, until a disgusted Cleo drops her iCoffin and the credits roll.

Monster High‘s second episode really ran with the silliness that made its début so charming while, at the same time, serving as a decent Halloween episode. The visual gags and goofy sense of humor really work, and the holiday backdrop feels like a no-brainer, given the series.

If anything, the series really used Halloween to build the characters and world further, while maintaining the 3-minute gag show format. The teaser at the end garners enough intrigue for the devoted, and offers a promise of bigger things to come in the coming weeks.