Can anybody guess what today is?

Well… yes, also it’s All Saints’ Day, and that day where the Halloween candy goes half price. But besides that, today marks the birthday of μ’s member Rin Hoshizora. The tomboyish lady with a kitty grin and a love of all things “nya” celebrates the anniversary of her birth.

Or, well… she would, if she actually existed.

For the uninitiated, μ’s is the name of the school idol group from the über popular Love Live! franchise. And, like real idols, the group’s garnered a bit of a following, as they’ve starred in manga, anime, and video games, released CDs, and even had their actresses perform capacity-crowd concerts!

Seriously, just look at this crowd:

The girls’ faces appear everywhere, from keychains, to car decals, to pizza boxes. With this in mind, it’s not hard to see why the group outshines the popularity of even some real idols. And, given the nature of fandom, it’s even easier to see that Rin’s most ardent admirers would celebrate her birthday in a huge way.

Since the clock struck midnight, social media’s been abuzz with birthday wishes, and fan adoration. Artwork and cosplay have filtered through Twitter, Pixiv, and other popular platforms, and fans have even gone as far as to host full events dedicated to partying down for the Princess of Nya’s special day.

In addition, there have been dozens of store displays in anime shops like Animega and ANIMATE. Even the official Love Live! smartphone game, Love Live! School Idol Festival, is commemorating the occasion by giving five free Love Gems to those who log in on Rin’s special day.

It’s an amazing sight to see, with every art piece, every photo just overflowing with adoration for the character. We’ve collected our favorite pictures and photos below. Is there a piece that you loved, but we missed? Let us know in the comments!

Store Displays

Fan Art

Other Fan Photos