If you haven’t heard of Nina Matsumoto, then you’re definitely missing out. Matsumoto, also known as Space Coyote, is the creator of Original English Manga Yōkaiden. She first rose to prominence with the now-infamous “Simpsonzu” image, which depicts the cast of The Simpsons in a more Japan-centric art style.

The Simpsonzu - 20141105

It attracted the attention of Bongo comics, who hired Matsumoto on to, funny enough, pencil for Simpsons comics! Through her career, Matsumoto’s won an Eisner award and a Web Cartoonist’s Choice Award.

While she isn’t as prominent in recent years, Matsumoto still produces art via her DeviantArt page. She’s no stranger to crossing art styles or titles, and has drawn Futurama in a striking manga-inspired style on several occasions:

Space Coyote’s set her sights on a new franchise with her latest work. In a piece dubbed “Saiyanfeld“, Matsumoto deftly blends the characters of Jerry Seinfeld’s legendary sitcom with the art style of Akira Toriyama. It’s quirky and a bit silly, but it certainly works well. On top of this, Matsumoto proves that, no matter where he goes, Kramer somehow fits in!

Saiyanfeld 001 - 20141106