Sailor Moon Crystal 2 Key Art - 20141108


Earlier today, at Animate Girls Festival 2014, Toei announced that the second season of Sailor Moon Crystal will première in January 2015. The season will cover the “Black Moon” arc, which was the basis for Sailor Moon R.

To commemorate the release, the company released a key visual, which features Chibiusa as Sailor Chibi Moon.

On December 27, Toei will hold an advance screening of the season première at Chiba’s Aeon Mall Makuhari New City. In addition to the sneak peek, the event will include a showing of the first season’s finale, as well as a Q&A “talk show” event.

With Sailor Moon storming into Sailor Moon R territory, it will be interesting to see whether the series can continue its momentum. The Black Moon arc is a landmark for the series, with the build-up to the Black Lady, and the introduction of the first outer Guardians in Sailor Pluto. The notably darker tone combine with several of the series’s most impactful scenes, to create an experience that many regard as a true high point.

Then again, though, there is Chibiusa…