Sadly, we knew this day was coming.

The last of IBM’s four Steins;Gate shorts was uploaded to the web earlier today.

The shorts, which show the real, tangible benefits of IBM’s Cognitive Computing (outside of playing Jeopardy!), used the crew to create a series of situations that would show off the technology’s benefits, while giving viewers a chance to step back into the world of Okabe Rintaro and Makise Kurisu.

Previous episodes brought viewers through the trials of cooking, navigation, and fashion coordination. This time around, the subject is one that’s a sore spot for anyone that’s had to do it: house hunting.

Apparently, the Future Gadget Lab’s experiments got a bit too rowdy for the very last time, as long-suffering landlord Mr. Braun terminated Okabe’s lease. To find the ideal digs (in the right price range), the group starts feeding suggestions into the ever-present Oopa unit. An Air Conditioner, cleaner environments, even a closer walk to the market are no challenge for Oopa, who narrows things down to the perfect place.

The series ends on a cute, sweet note that serves both as a fantastic glimpse into the characters’ world, and a clever marketing gimmick. Will it sell people on Cognitive Computing? At this point, the jury’s out.

Still, it was a chance to dip back into a world of truly remarkable characters in bite-sized doses. The shorts didn’t break what was broken, and just allowed the world and characters to breathe, once again.