Before you ask, no. It’s nobody’s birthday today.

Earlier today, Lawson Convenience Stores announced that they will start a Love Live! themed promotional campaign.

Lawson Love Live 001 - 20141112 - SM

Starting on November 18, customers who purchase two three-packs of energy drink Lipovitan D will receive a limited edition Love Live! glass. There are three glasses in the set, each showing a different idol sub-group, that will be offered on a first come, first served basis. The campaign will run through December 1, giving fans about two weeks to collect them all.

In addition, Lawson Ponta Point members will be eligible to enter a sweepstakes for a Love Live! 5th Anniversary commemorative Plate. This will be open to purchases that rack up over 2,000 points. Like the glasses, the sweepstakes will run through December 1.

Lawson Love Live 014 - 20141112 - SM