Be honest: You thought we forgot about these, didn’t you?

Yesterday, Viz Media uploaded a new dub clip for Sailor Moon. And, as with other previews, the clip focuses on the show’s shiny new dub.

This time around, Amanda Celine Miller’s performance of Makoto Kino takes center stage, as she assumes her role as a Sailor Guardian. In a clip from episode 25, Sailor Moon is in a fierce battle with monster Game Machine Man.

And, well, it’s not going well.

To save her magical girl idol, Makoto assumes the role of Sailor JupiterĀ and fries the beast with her Supreme Thunder attack. The clip cuts out with Sailor Moon receiving her new (and uber-marketable) Moon Stick weapon.

It’s a fantastic sequence that really delivers that goofy, quirky charm of Sailor Moon‘s lighter moments with the action elements. The performance was solid, with a strong delivery that really shows off the strong casting for the show.