Look out, everyone, here comes Sailor Venus!

Viz Media released a new Sailor Moon dub clip today, this time opting to feature Cherami Leigh’s performance as the adorably air-headed Minako Aino.

Specifically, the new clip consists of a three-minute segment of Episode 37: “Aim to be a Princess? Usagi’s Weird Training.” It kicks off right after Usagi, Rei, and Minako fail out of Lady Rose’s Princess Seminar. Lady Rose, in a mocking tone, explains how Usagi would never pass the seminar, which means she must be Sailor Moon.

And honestly, Minako and Rei can’t find fault in that logic. Seriously, with friends like these…

Anyway, the cat’s out of the bag. Attacks are dealt, transformations are done, and grand entrances are made. The clip cuts off just before the eyecatch, as Sailor Mars’s Fire Soul and Sailor Venus’s Crescent Beam prove to be ineffective, leaving Sailor Moon out of luck on what to do next.

The real highlight, of course, is Sailor Venus who, while she made her appearance in the streams a few weeks ago, makes her promo clip d├ębut today. And, with her, the inner Guardians are rounded out.

At this point, the jury’s out as to who will be in the next clip. So long as they keep picking moments like this, though, I’m sure that few will be complaining!