Avengers Attack on Titan Interior Art 001 - 20141113

Oh, Marvel. Must you tease us so?

Earlier this month, Marvel’s C.B. Cebulski teased a cross-over, in which The Avengers join forces to battle the Titans from Attack on Titan. The reveal came in a single tweet, accompanied by an image of Spider-Man swinging away from a pair of Titans.

A few days later, concrete details were revealed in Brutus magazine. The publication stated that volume 790 would feature a “What If…?” story, in which the Avengers do battle with the Female Titan in New York City.

Since the Brutus article, though, news on the title has been sparse.

Earlier today, Cebulski began teasing the cross-over once again on Twitter. With a single tweet, reading “It’s almost time! “@ComicBookdotcom: 1st Look At @Marvel & Attack On Titan Crossover Artwork” accompanied with a piece of interior art from the work.

With the release just a few days away, the suspense is very real. Curiosities and hopes are running high, and comic fans and Attack on Titan fans alike want to see how this will be handled. According to Cebulski, Attack on Titan creator Hajime Iseyama plotted the story, so there is potential for something special.

The next issue of Brutus hits Japanese newsstands on November 15, 2014. Whether the series can pull it off remains to be seen, though the end result is sure to be interesting at the very least!

For those who are curious, the actual tweet is below: