Persona! Fans of Persona Q are in for a treat. The latest issue of Kodansha’s Monthly Shonen Sirius announced that a pair of manga titles based on the dungeon crawler are currently in the works. Both titles are slated to start this winter. The titles will run in Bessatsu Shonen Magazine and Monthly Shonen Sirius.

Return to the good old days. No matter how many times I check it out the Anime Nostalgia Tumblr page, I can’t help but crack a smile. The site boasts countless bite-sized doses of those shows from days long ago. Whether it’s the original Oh My Goddess! OVAs, or Devil Hunter Yohko, they’ve got you covered.

Happy 20th Birthday, Sega Saturn! You read that right: Sega’s Saturn game console turned 20 yesterday. The system, while not exactly successful in the west, was a favorite in Japan, with dozens of arcade ports and gorgeous 2D games. Plus, it was the launch pad for Sakura Wars, and that’s a good thing!

Really, though, it’s hard to hate a system whose marketing campaign featured a martial artist that lived to beat the tar out of people who weren’t playing the Saturn.

It used to be called “Japanimation.” Otaku Journalist uncovered one of the earliest mentions of anime on the internet. In a Usenet post from July 15,1985, user Steve McIntosh bemoaned the chop-job treatment given to Nausicaa in Warriors of the Wind.

Get your CLAMP on! To celebrate CLAMP’s 25th anniversary, Japanese website MyNavi Woman asked 245 readers between the ages 22 and 34 about their favorite CLAMP titles. The winner was easily Card Captor Sakura, with 29.4% of the vote. Magic Knight Rayearth was close to follow, with 26.2%. Third place, taking just 5.2% of the vote was xxxHOLiC.

Battle of the Gods. Oh! Frieza, too. The first key visual for the 2015 Dragon Ball Z movie, Dragon Ball Z: Fukkatsu no F, hit the internet last week. In it, robotic antagonist Frieza takes center stage, standing before Goku and Vegeta. The film will hit Japanese theaters in 2D and 3D on April 18, 2015.

DBZ Fukkatsu no F Key Visual 001 - 20141123

A grand gesture, in the name of love. In 2010, Japanese artist Yassan left his girlfriend for six months to wander the Japanese countryside. Little did anybody know, though, that he would be creating a marriage proposal of a truly epic scale. Carrying a GPS, Yassan walked, biked, and sailed 7,163.7 kilometers as he traveled from the south end of Japan to the north. When he got home, Yassan loaded the GPS data into Google maps to show a route that spelled “marry me.” it’s since been certified as the world’s largest marriage proposal by Guinness.

Marriage Proposal GPS Drawing - 20141123

Bloody. Fun. And bloody fun. After what feels like an eternity of waiting, Hellsing Ultimate Abridged episode 5 hit on November 2. Yes, it’s as splendiferous as you would expect.