No, this isn’t directly anime related. However, Disney’s Frozen was one of Japan’s top films this year, as it dominated in the box office, became the best-selling Blu-Ray in Japan, and even had its soundtrack top the record charts.

In short, it’s an unstoppable sales behemoth. It’s captured the hearts and mind of Japanese kids and adults alike, who fell in love with the film’s fantastic characters, gorgeous animation, and truly memorable music.

Really, the Japanese version of Let It Go is pretty amazing.

That said, it was only a matter of time before Frozen merchandise reached levels of extravagance that bordered upon the absurd.

Japanese jeweler Ginza Tanaka recently unveiled its latest creation: a pure platinum licensed Frozen 2015 calendar. The calendar itself measures 77 cm x 50 cm (30″ x 19.7″), has a mass of 10 kilograms, and a weight of 22 pounds. It’s decorated with a full color shot of the cast set in a picture frame styled bezel on the front. The rear contains the calendar etched in, with engravings of Elsa and Anna.

Frozen Japan Platinum Calendar - 20141203

Of course, Elsa doesn’t come cheap, or she doesn’t come at all. Each calendar is made to order, and priced at an eye-opening price of 100 million yen ($833,762.03 US). Reservations can be made at any of Ginza Tanaka’s nine stores.

Now, Ginza Tanaka gets it. Not everyone has 100 million yen in pocket change to throw around, but yet, people still want fancy Frozen goodies. And, at the same time, Ginza Tanaka still wants to get money from these groups, who may find that price tag a bit off-putting.

To accommodate this, the company will be making smaller versions of the calendar. The smallest, which has a 5-inch length and weighs a gram, is priced at a much more wallet-friendly 16,000 ($133.43 US) yen. The next size up is 7.8 inches long and weight 5 grams, and has a suggested price of 60,000 yen ($500.35).

This is just the latest in the jeweler’s line of Frozen merchandise, which contains everything, from diamond pendants and earrings, to a 450,000 yen ($3,752.56 US) mini Christmas tree.

Frozen Japan Mini XMas Tree - 20141203