Earlier this year, Starchild (via acttil) announced that Studio Trigger (Kill la Kill, When Supernatural Battles Became Commonplace) would animate Ninja Slayer From Animation. The project, which adapts the comic by Bradley Bond and Philp [email protected] Morzez1, will be helmed by Kill la Kill director Akira Amemiya. The main theme will be provided by Boom Boom Satellites.

Since July, this is about all we’ve really heard on the project. No major details were given, and most people moved on to other topics of interest.

Earlier today, the project showed its first real sign of life. The first trailer dropped yesterday, giving fans a first glimpse of the project.

While the trailer itself is only 45 seconds long, it gives fans just enough of a taste that they’ll be fiending for more when the feature finally hits.

1:¬†Bradley Bond and Philp [email protected] Morzez are fictional. The backstory of this being a based on a¬†North American publication are fabricated.