We get it. Detective Opera Milky Holmes is a popular franchise.

The series, which spans games, light novels, and manga, is about to receive its fourth anime series. The show, titled Tantei Kageki Milky Holmes TD, will hit Japanese airwaves in January.

Since the show’s official website opened on September 18, information has been, well, a bit hard to come by.

The first details were certainly tantalizing. The show’s January début window was defined, though Tokyo MX’s Ō Misoka Da yo! Milky Holmes 2014, which airs on December 31, would present the first two episodes in their entirety. The cast was announced, and the show’s theme song, “Milky A-Go-Go” by the four main Milky Holmes characters (Suzuko Mimori, Sora Toku, Mikoi Sasaki, Izumi Kitta), was confirmed.

Since then, though, it’s been radio silence. The lack of information was profound, as fans wondered just how the series would turn out. Emi Nitta (Honoka from Love Live!) was joining the cast, but how would she fare?

Earlier today, the Milky Holmes website posted a 2-minute promo video that would give some answers.

Well, not really. However, it did give fans a chance to see some real animation from the show, preview the show’s opening theme, and get a sample of ending theme “Tankyu Dreaming” (Search Dreaming) by Nitta.

Specific première dates for the show were also given:

  • January 3: Tokyo MX (22:00~), Sun TV (22:00~), TV Kanagawa (27:00~)
  • January 4: BS Nittere (24:00~), TV Aichi (26:05~)
  • January 6: AT-X (22:30~)
  • January 10: Hokuriku Housou (26:23~)

For some, this is a welcome reveal. For others, though, it likely made that wait until January feel just a bit longer!

If not, maybe this will:

Milky Holmes TD Key Art 001 - 20141210