The première dates for the live action Attack on Titan movies are getting closer. With each passing day, the shadow of these films looms over the anime world like that of the Colossal Titan himself. When news breaks, it consumes the narrative, and that wait until August 2015 seems just a bit more agonizing for eager fans.

Each marketing piece, every visual just seems to escalate the hype by orders of magnitude, and the film seems to almost respond to the excitement in turn.

In the manga, the Colossal Titan is a fearsome figure that stands at just about 60 meters (196.85 feet). For the film, he apparently went through a growth spurt, jumping in size to a truly frightening 150 meters (492 feet)! For reference, Godzilla, the King of the Monsters himself, stands at a comparatively miniscule 108 meters (354 feet).

To be literally 30% bigger than Godzilla. It’s simply astounding.

To really drive this point home, Kodansha released a production image for the film, which recreates the iconic image that defined the manga for so many. The visual succeeds wonderfully, inspiring that same dread and `excitement that seemed to just radiate from the work it was based on.

Attack on Titan Film Key Art - 20141212

For reference, take a gander at the cover for Volume 1.

Attack on Titan Manga Volume 1 Cover - 20141212