Happy Sunday, readers! I hope you all had an amazing holiday week!

With the merriment done, the gifts given, and the festivities aside, It’s back to business here at the Herald. On Wednesday, we’ll be hosting a live broadcast with the Nerdy Talk podcast crew. We’ll be taking live questions from our viewers, and generally just rocking in the new year by talking nerdy to every one of you! We’ll have a link and more information within the next day, so stay tuned!

Anyway, I’ve rambled too much. Let’s get on with the show!

It’s like K-On! With… tubas. Kyoto Animation announced that they’re working on a series for Spring 2015. The new series, titled Sound! Euphonium, is another band-centric show from the studio. This time around, though, they show will focus on a brass band. The series will make its grand d√©but in April. Until then, get your fix from the official trailer!

Slayers Blu-ray OVA set slain. Sad news, Slayers fans. The Slayers OVA boxed set that was slated to hit in February is no more.  Kadokawa pulled the plug on the project, though no reason for the cancellation was given as of press time.

Sakaki speaks… to Anime Herald! At this year’s Anime Boston, we chatted with voice actress Yuu Asakawa. We had a few technical difficulties in getting it ready, but it’s up and ready for your enjoyment!

New Year’s resolution time! Lauren from Otaku Journalist presents her list of resolutions for 2015. They’re both sensible, and great guidelines on how we should shape our next year, rather than some vague pledge to do something we’re not intending to really do.

Yowapeda? Yes, please! Discotek threw industry watchers for a loop when they revealed their license for Yowamushi Pedal. The cult favorite is due to hit next year.

Mo’ angels, mo’ beats. Last week, Key Visual Arts announced that they’re working on a new entry in the Angel Beats! franchise. The series will get a new OVA and a visual novel, which are both due in 2015. This is on top of a brand new Key Visual Arts property, and an Angel Beats! TV boxed set due next year.

Charlotte Key Art 001 - 20141222

Moon Pride! …Plus Chibiusa The first preview for the second season of Sailor Moon Crystal was released earlier this week. The new trailer shows off Chibiusa, who will be a focal character of the season. We’re not saying why, but those who’ve seen Sailor Moon R will have a pretty good idea!

The Dead Men walk… on Toonami. Deadman Wonderland will be making its way back to Toonami on January 3, 2015. This will be the first time the show’s aired on the block since 2012, when Toonami returned from the grave.

Garden of Dragons? Imagine Sinners? YouTuber IleiaAMVs crafted a fantastic AMV that blends Imagine Dragons’s Warriors with Garden of Sinners (Kara no Kyoukai). It’s a fantastic mix of music and animation that’s worth a watch.